O.k. so I know what you are thinking.  If we are focusing all of our extra curricular energy on eating out, finding trucks, and taking a seat at the bar, then we must be on a path of self destruction.  You would normally be right, but "awareness," is half the battle my friend.  We think we can have our cake and eat it too.  So for 2011 we decided to launch a new idea, and put ourselves up for public humiliation.  A scare tactic to get us in shape and keep us that way, and who doesn't like to see a little competition between two friends?

Jan-March: bmoll: "Operation: awareness"  


April: "Spring Cleaning: the holistic approach"

So for the month of April, I have decided to do a detox, a 21 day body cleanse via food and supplementation.  All the why's and how's can be found on the company website of the product I will be using "HERE".  Cooking, eating, and writing about food is a passion of mine, but healing your body with food, now that is a goal.  I am excited and intrigued on the effects of this program and for the ones that care...I'll keep you posted. Here goes nothing.  Starting weight: 178

Apr 13: I begin my detox on th 6th and on day one I experienced the worst headache ever.  I am talking lay in the bed, turn off the lights, and dream about pain killers kind of headache.  It all ended by the next morning but it lingered as if it left a bruise, caffeine withdraws fo sho.  The "diet" plan that supplements the detox regiment is a drastic shift to my norm.  For the next couple of days, I felt as if I was not thinking clearly, and in the first week I felt a lack of energy.  My sleeping patterns have changed as well, where I am sleeping in the excess of nine hours each night were seven is my usual nightly average.  6 pounds of weight loss on the first weigh in.

Apr 20:  I have been doing well with the program, but the cravings are starting to set in.  Does not help going to restaurants and visiting food trucks without being able to eat or drink.  The dietary guide lines for the program can be summed up to "be vegan," which is defiantly pushing me to be more creative with my cooking.  4 pounds lost on the second weigh in. Last week!