Stories behind the quotes ( Food Verbatim)

"Buffalo is in fact, beefier than beef." --R. Scott, Windermere, Fl

I am the newest one in the kitchen and our menu changes every two weeks.  A menu change was up and coming and some buffalo had come up the elevator.  It was not long after it was signed for, that a ribeye was thrown on the grill (you know, it must be sampled).  The rotisseur pulled the slab of flesh out of the broiler, cooked to perfection I might add (thanks Tom) sliced it up and threw it in a pie pan.  He claimed his piece and moved it down the line.  The on line expo (Chef de Cuisine) the Entremetier got a hold of it next, and finally to me, the new guy all the way down at the Garde Manger end.  Perfectly seasoned, and rested for maximum moisture.  My one bite was like an uber bit of beef as I slowly chewed the buffalo ribeye.  I look to the Entremetier to my left and said.  This Buffalo is beefier than beef!  I get a confirmed nod and nothing else....silence in the kitchen.  Then chef come around later, doing his rounds, orders for some of the buffalo to be cooked so he could try the product.  Watching him just beyond the pass, we lock eyes and he B lines straight for my station.  "Brian! Did you try this?"  "Yes Chef, I think that the buffalo is beefier than beef."  "Buffalo is in fact, beefier than beef."  He heads to the back and wrights my quote on the back wall where it stayed for the remainder of the menu.

"Put it in your mouth and hit it hard" --Food truck OBT, Orlando, Fl

Walking the truck lines of O.B.T. we a have group with us tonight.  Amongst the usual suspects, we brought along some friends, family, and coworkers, those are all the same anyway.... right?  This night has actually been recorded in our blog (here).  Before we head into the taqueria, we make a quick stop at the arepa truck for Frank's kid sister.  The eccentric, dirty yet humorous Colombian vendor, whips together this arepa so fast, I want to offer him a job on the line. As Barby's reaches up to the man on her tippy toes to reach for her arepa he says "abre la boca y pegale duro!" translation "put it in your mouth and hit it hard!"  A blanket of laughter falls over our group at Barby's expense and we move on.  Thinking back, with an arepa that big, I do have to say, that seems like it would be the preferred strategy to attacking this (thing).