Art and such

We decided to create a section for something that is very important to both of us, something that is directly related to our passion for food and music. This, of course, is art. Art being the glue that connects our love and interest for food, and the creative means and methods in which we choose to express ourselves with it. We wanted to bring our own local art, art shows, and galleries to the main spot light. Along with a few other artist who aren't local ,but have caught our attention in one way or another. We encourage whoever reads our blog to comment on our finds, or feel free to send us any good finds you might have found yourself. With that being said here are a few of our favorite places, in no particular order that you must check out.
 My personal favorite art gallery in the city. It caters to a selective art crowd, people looking for something modern, cutting edge, and relevant to our age group. It has featured works from some my my favorite artist such as Ron English, Jason Limon (Blood/Nectar), and our very own boys from Orlando, Andrew Spear (Spearlife), and Dolla. Check out their website for upcoming events, shows, and artist expos. @BOLDHYPE GALLERY